Terry’s Picks: April 30

A sign of the times: and I like it — All My Children and One Life to Live return not to the airwaves, but to the internet. It is great that these shows are back and bringing back many of the actors who made the shows work. They will be available on Hulu and iTunes. This Time article shares some of the scoop on the change to the new platforms.

Looking forward to: the premiere of The Only Real Game at New York Indian Film Festival on Wednesday May 1. Melissa Leo joins the panel discussion after the screening, to be followed by a reception. You can buy tickets here.

Sending congratulations to: Abbe Raven, who has been promoted to Chairman of A&E Networks and Nancy Dubuc, who has been upped to President and CEO of the company. Dubuc is the third CEO in the company’s 30-year history. In her new capacity, she will oversee day-to-day operations of the company. Both A&E’s brand groups and business divisions will report to Dubuc in her new capacity.

Terry Lawler is the Executive Director of NYWIFT. Tune in every Tuesday for her picks of the week.