Flix Not to Miss: ‘Eden’

Eden is a harrowing look at the sex trafficking industry here in the United States. Directed by Megan GriffithsEden won Griffiths the 2012 Chicken & Egg Emergent Narrative Director Award at SXSW Film Festival.

Based on a true story, the film follows Eden (played by Jamie Chung), a young Asian teenager living in the United States lured into the sex trafficking industry by a casual encounter at a bar by a man pretending to be an off-duty firefighter. He proceeds to kidnap her and strip her of an identity.

The most striking aspect of Eden is how Griffiths institutionalizes the trafficking behind the walls of typical Southwestern suburban tract homes. Beau Bridges’ portrayal of Sheriff Bob Gault also adds to this “reality” of sex trafficking in America. Eden is a riveting movie that draws you into the horrors of the white slavery trade occurring right under our noses. 

Eden is currently in the Independent Picks section of iTunes and can be downloaded through Amazon.