Fashionista on Designing Women & Dressing ‘The Americans’


Left: Jenny Gering, Lori Hicks, and Peg Schierholz (photo credit: Cindy Ord, Getty). Right: Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell in The Americans.

Fashion news site Fashionista caught up with the design team behind FX’s popular spy drama at Thursday’s awards show:

…a few of us have also gotten sucked into The Americans on FX — and not just because of the drama-filled plot twists between the CIA and Russian spies. The (early ’80s) clothes, hair, and Keri Russell’s overall flawlessness are also pretty awesome to watch.

So, we were pretty excited when we heard that the entire hair, makeup and costume team of The Americans would be honored with New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT)’s Variety Ensemble Award at the annual Designing Women event, which we attended last night.

The show’s costume designer Jenny Gering, makeup department head Lori Hicks, and hair department head Peg Schierholz received the award from executive producer Joe Weisberg:

Weisberg outlined the lofty demands he placed on the department heads, including that the characters look ’80s but not too ’80s; attractive, but authentic; that the disguises (used frequently by the Russian spy main characters) be “fun for the audience,” but still serious. “And we’d like you to win an award,” he finished.

And win an award they did! Check back for our Designing Women recap with behind-the-scenes photos… — MICHELE DAGLE


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