Get Social This Summer!

New York Women and Film and Television (NYWIFT) wants you to be more social this summer, not just with our fabulous organization but with other NYWIFT members as well.  We have over 4000 ‘likes’ on Facebook and 3000 followers on Twitter and we’d love to promote our members’ projects to the world!

In July and August, if you’re a NYWIFT member and haven’t ‘liked’ us on Facebook yet, now it the time to do it. ‘Like’ the NYWIFT FB Page and we’ll give your project/business/artist Page a shout-out on our social media.

Already ‘liked’ the NYWIFT FB Page? WHOHOO!  And THANK YOU!  In that case, let us know your favorite thing about NYWIFT in a comment on our FB Page, or by tagging us (@New York Women in Film and Television) on your Page, or test out the new hashtag feature (#NYWIFT) on Facebook and we’ll give your project a shout-out as well!

This sound like a lot of “member love-festing” you’d like to get in on, but not a NYWIFT-member yet? Fill out an application, we’d love to have you!



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