Women Behind the Lens: Cate Shortland


Filmmaker Cate Shortland

Writer and Director Cate Shortland, shares her thoughts on balancing family with filmmaking, the benefits of TV writing, and discusses her most recent film, Lore, winner of multiple awards including the Cinematography Award, Golden Starfish Award for Narrative Feature, and the Jeremy Nussbaum Prize for Provocative Fiction at the Hampton International Film Festival.

Lore is the provactive story of a fourteen-year-old German girl that must guide her siblings to safety after her Nazi parents are arrested by Allied Forces. On their dangerous journey, a mysterious stranger assists them but Lore’s prejudices prevents her from trusting him, as the world Lore thought she knew, collapses around her.

I was excited to discuss with Cate (via phone on June 4, 2013 as part of NYWIFT’s Women Behind the Lens Series) some topics dear to me such as adaptation and female protagonists, as well as learn more about one of my favorite Directors of Photography, Adam Arkapaw.

Lore is available to watch online.



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