Life Coach Jim Arnoff interviewed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching 

A Jim Arnoff workshop attendee asked how she could hide on her resume the several years she spent caring for her ill father. This is indicative of what Arnoff calls “a trap”-  a way that female professionals unintentionally cut themselves off from sources of support, “The idea that women must do it all by themselves, that they are obligated to please others, that they aren’t entitled to be proud of the entirety of their accomplishments.” His response to the caregiver’s dilemma, “The answer was simple, don’t hide it. It speaks volumes about who you are in the world. Who you are as a whole person.”

Arnoff is a life coach as well a television packaging agent, so he understands the particular pressures women in the film and television industry experience. He has worked at the William Morris Agency as both an in-house lawyer and packaging agent, and as a certified life coach for the entertainment industry he has led workshops for the Producers Guild of America, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, HBO, MTV  Networks and the Writers Guild of America. He is also a faculty member of the School of Visual Arts and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Arnoff has been conducting workshop for NYWIFT members for five years now, and is a Leadership Member of the organization. “Women professionals so often feel that they’re in this alone. I know it’s been a great workshop by the sheer volume in the room at the end” says Arnoff. He strives in his interactive workshops to help NYWIFT members identify opportunities in their personal relationships that will support, enhance and honor their careers. He eschews the lecture model in favor of active collaboration to reveal how much control we have in our own lives. It turns out, more than we think.  

During his workshops, Arnoff uses specific personal examples to demonstrate coaching techniques in a “learn by doing” environment that emphasizes the idea that NYWIFT members are an enormous resource to each other. He wants to put them in active contact with each other.

Arnoff has two free workshops coming up this summer exclusively for NYWIFT members. He says they are an opportunity to “see real life coaching techniques unfold in real time” with an emphasis on networking. Networking is what NYWIFT is all about.

If you would like to attend the July 18th Jim Arnoff NYWIFT workshop please follow the RSVP online link below. If you are interested in attending the August 14th workshop please visit the NYWIFT website closer to the date. The workshops are free but open only to NYWIFT Members. If you would like to join NYWIFT, please apply here.

Create Personal Relationships That Support, Embrace and Honor Your Career
Thursday, July 18, 2013
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Free – members only
RSVP online
NYWIFT Conference room
6 East 39th Street, Suite 1200

Personal Development Workshop Series: Putting Yourself First In Your Career…You Deserve It!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Free – members only
NYWIFT Conference room
6 East 39th Street, Suite 1200

-ANNIE LABARBA (@annelabarba)


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