Terry’s Picks: August 6


Check Out: the Kickstarter for Pamela Green’s feature documentary, Be Natural, on the first female director, Alice Guy Blaché. Alice’s story has long been overlooked and I certainly hope Green’s documentary will shine a spotlight on Alice and her contribution to the birth of cinema.

Impressed By: the tour de force work of costume designer Ruth Carter (a former NYWIFT Designing Women honoree) on Lee Daniels’ moving film about the civil rights movement, The Butler. The film begins during the Jim Crow Days of the South and journeys through the election of the first black President of the United States of America. The costumes are a major element in the story-telling. With great authenticity, the costumes reflecting some of the most outrageous (and scary) times for African Americans over the last decade. Carter has been nominated for an Oscar twice. I hope the third time will be the charm.

Glad to See: Shonda Rhimes return to the big screen in War Correspondents, a film about women journalists.

Terry Lawler is the Executive Director of NYWIFT. Tune in every Tuesday for her picks of the week.


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