Samatha Bee hanging with the Muppets

It was almost two years ago that NYWIFT members Terry Greenberg and Susan Ades came up with the idea to produce a program focusing on women in comedy.  Both being “ardent comedy lovers,” shares Greenberg, they knew they wanted a fresh take on the topic so they looked to partner with Caroline’s on Broadway. “Caroline has opened the door for many women comedians over the past thirty years.  It was Caroline’s idea to hold the panel on the opening night of the New York Comedy Festival, which she also produces.”

The panel’s full title is Women in Comedy: Changing Times
and it focuses on the changing landscape of comedy for women from the 1960’s to the present. Held Thursday November 7th at 6:00 pm, the lineup of panelists includes: Whitney Cummings, Fran Drescher, Delia Ephron and Samantha Bee.  It will be moderated by Alessandra Stanley, TV Critic for the New York Times.

“The women who influenced me the most growing up were women on TV sitcoms who were smart, funny, witty, stylish, independent, usually worked in film or television, and had lots of heart,” says Greenberg. Her top three on that list being Mary Tyler Moore, Marlo Thomas and Candice Bergen. Greenberg shared a sneak peak of some of the topics that will be discussed for the blog. They include: Did you choose comedy or did comedy choose you?  Comedy is a boys’ club, but is there a sorority?  Do women help each other in this business?  Stanley will also be asking these women of comedy the tough questions: What makes you laugh?  and What’s not funny

Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a very funny evening. Order tickets here.


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