2013 Muse Awards: Who Brought the Wine?


Image via freixenetusa.com.

While we were sipping our glasses of wine and champagne at Thursday’s Muse Awards, we had Freixenet USA Inc to thank for the lively libations.

This was the 21st year the Spain-based and family-run company has made this contribution — making Freixenet the longest in-kind sponsor of the event.

And it’s all because Miriam Stern, a NYWIFT member and an entertainment lawyer specializing in film and TV, saw the need for a good supply of wine while helping plan the 1993 Muse Awards ceremony. Freixenet, she says, was quick to jump on board.

Created in 1861, the company credits much of its success to Dolores Sala’s winemaking and business leadership after WWI, when the company expanded beyond Spain. It came to the US in 1935. Now, the company points out, “the most oft-popped corks in the world say Freixenet.“

It pairs its wine-making success with support for things like the United Nations Global Compact. The company, its website says, “has a commitment to the society which has welcomed its products so warmly.”

Stern says the company couldn’t be nicer about its support of NYWIFT. Lucky us! Cheers, Freixenet.


(Edited on Dec 16, 2013, at 5:03 pm EST.)


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