NYWIFT Promo on the Streets of NYC


Production still from NYWIFT’s new video promo. (L-R): Lara Valery, Giselle Eisenberg, and Eileen Berger.

Starting Friday, January 17, you can see clips of New York Women in Film & Television’s new promo video in the window of Tekserve (119 West 23rd St.). 

Aubrey Smyth, a NYWIFT member, donated her time, energy, and production company, Gingersnap, to create this fun narrative promo. Adorama Rentals donated the equipment and their expertise. Shot in 4K on the Sony F55, the NYWIFT promo clips show off TekServe’s 4K-capable monitors.

And if you recognize one of the little leading ladies in the still above, her name is Giselle Eisenberg and you might have seen her in The Wolf of Wall Street playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s daughter.

This is the second time the promo has gotten buzz even before post-production is finished. In December, Sony and Adorama Rentals held two workshops open to the public with Smyth and her DP Bryant Fisher, showing clips from the promo video and discussing working with the Sony F55 camera.

Stay tuned for the promo’s release as well as a “Making Of” blog series to be posted on the NYWIFT blog, on ScriptMag.com, and on the ARC Blog.

[Ed. note: An earlier version of this post listed the date to see the promo clips at Tekserve as January 15.]


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