Terry’s Picks: January 14, 2014


Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson at the 2014 National Board of Review Awards Gala. Photo via National Board of Review.

Relishing every frame: in this montage of strong female stories, voices, and leadership. It must be the just-released trailer for the Athena Film Festival, which runs February 6 – 9 at Barnard College.

Exchanging kudos should always be: as spot-on, elegant, and hilarious as Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson at the National Board of Review Gala last Tuesday. The event’s Best Actress Award presenter and honoree, respectively, included enough razor-sharp feminist musings (from Walt Disney’s sexist and racist tendencies, to roles for female actors) to keep me laughing all weekend.

Feeling déjà vu about: the question of nudity on the HBO show Girls. I’m proud to see Lena Dunham, the show’s creator, dismiss the idea that women’s bodies on screen have to be titillating to men.

Terry Lawler is NYWIFT’s Executive Director. Tune in for her picks every Tuesday.


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