Acting Up: What’s Your Plan for 2014?


Photo: "El Fureidis" by Frances Benjamin Johnston.

Pilot season is here. If you’re feeling left behind or like you need to catch up, that’s OK.

Maybe you haven’t had a chance to figure out what you want to do or bring about this year. Give yourself some time to set clear intentions for 2014. It’s never to late to get clarity and set goals.

Getting ready:

  1. Get cozy, make some yummy food, put on your favorite music. Do whatever you need to feel comfortable, inspired, and creative.
  2. Crack open your favorite journal and let the ink flow.

Writing it down:

  • What are 3-5 intentions you would like to set for your acting career this year? 
  • Who are 5-10 people in your life that can help you make it happen?
  • Who are 5-10 people in the world that can help you make it happen?
  • Next, break each intention into 3-5 actions that you can take to move toward accomplishing the intention.
  • What are some things you learned in 2013 that you would like to bring into 2014?
  • With this “roadmap” laid out in front of you, what is the word, theme song, or image that sums up your plan for 2014?

Sometimes all it takes is a little time to get quiet, focus, and set an intention to feel a little more grounded with where you’re going in your acting career.


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