Women in Post


Thelma Schoonmaker, the last woman to win an oscar for editing. She won for The Departed in 2006.

It shouldn’t surprise us that stats of women in post-production are just as scary as percentages of female directors in Hollywood. “Among 2012′s top 250 domestic grossing films, women represented 20 percent of editors,” film and television editor Kylee Wall is quoted as saying in an article about this week’s #PostChat on Twitter.

weekly Twitter-based chat, #Postchat utilizes the use of the hashtag to engage editors and post-production professionals in an hour-long discussion about the technology and art of post production. #PostChat occurs at 9 pm EST (6 pm PST) every Wednesday, and tonight’s topic is Women in Post.

Guests this week include editor Kylee Wall (@kyl33t), Creative Cow editor-in-chief Tim Wilson (@metropolitim), Creative Cow (@CreativeCOW) editorial manager Stefani Rice, editor and writer Debra Kaufman (@MobilizedDebra), and postPerspective.com editor-in-chief Randi Altman (@postperspective). 

If you are active on Twitter, just starting out, or just want to follow the conversation, simply type #postchat into the search window in your Twitter app, or on Twitter.com, and get involved in the conversation.

We’d love to see some NYWIFT voices participating. And if you don’t already, please follow New York Women in Film & Television on Twitter (@nywift), and engage with NYWIFT members using the hashtag #nywift.


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