Notes From a Screenreader: ’20 Feet From Stardom’


Photo via Go Into the Story.

If you have not seen 20 Feet from Stardom, put it at the top of your to-do list. It won an Oscar, and it is the non plus ultra of setting your inner star loose on the world.

A voice is a voice, whether it is raised in song or committed to paper.

  • Be brave. Bulletproof your ego. It’s your engine. Persevere.
  • Be loud. Shout the house down with your story. Don’t miss a single opportunity to grab the reader and shake them like a snow globe.
  • Be unique. No points for blending in. Fresh characters, fresh conflicts, fresh resolutions.
  • Be entertaining. It’s a show. Flirt. Fan dance. Set up and reveal. No matter your genre, story, or tone, make it a thrill.
  • Be selfish. Give your best to your writing.


Annie is a screenwriter, story consultant, and reader for major screenplay competitions.


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