NYWIFT 2014 Board Elections


Image via Wikimedia.

Have you voted yet? NYWIFT Board elections run through April 8, 2014.

This is the most important decision each year for a New York Women in Film and Television member. NYWIFT Board Members play a very important role in shaping the organization. They head committees such as Special Events, Membership, Communications, Development and Programming. They lead the vision for the committees’ work and guide each committees’ members to contribute to and enhance those areas of NYWIFT. (Are you on a committee? If not, you should be. Join here.)

Board Members also guide the fiscal responsibility of the organization, making important budgetary decisions. They work with NYWIFT staff to forward the organization’s mission and short- and long-term goals, and most importantly they represent you, listening to your needs as a NYWIFT member and laying the foundation for future members. NYWIFT Board members are often the face of NYWIFT at Industry and New York events so help the organization put its best foot forward by checking those boxes!

We’d love to see the best voter turnout in years in 2014. And it’s easy because you don’t even have to leave your couch. All eligible NYWIFT members should have received an email linking to short bios and photographs of the candidates on the ballot.

Six fantastic NYWIFT members are running with four Board positions open. So vote! And spread the word to other NYWIFT members via email, phone calls and social media. It is Women’s History Month and part of the struggle across the world has been the battle to gain the right to vote. Seize the spoils; it’s your organization, so discuss, compare and spend some time deciding who you want to see representing YOU on the Board.

If for any reason you have not received an email with a link to vote, please contact the NYWIFT office by phone, 212-679-0870, or email, info@nywift.org.  


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