Terry’s Picks: ‘No Cannes Do’ and #readwomen2014


Love: the NO CANNES DO info graphic by Melissa Silverstein of Women and Hollywood showing the appalling lack of opportunities extended to women directors by the Cannes Film Festival—a reflection of the situation of the industry as a whole, but this does not excuse it.

Checking Out: the report on women working in independent film by Martha Lauzen that shows women are 18% of the directors of independent narrative features (three times as many as the number of women working as directors in the top 250 narrative films released last year) but a long, long way from equal opportunity.

Stacking Up: my reading list with these goodies, which include recent 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. Here’s to hoping, especially with Joanna Walsh’s recent Twitter efforts to #readwomen2014, there are more lists like this headed our way.

Terry Lawler is NYWIFT’s Executive Director. Tune in every Tuesday for her picks.