Acting Up: Create the Space


“Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” — Sanford Meisner

Recently, I wrapped Melissa Rodwell’s upcoming film, and my “preparation” was the most abstract that I’ve ever worked with. I realized my job as an actor is to create the space for the work to show up.

How did I do this?

I took all things off the table that were not needed to create that space. Spoke less, made fewer phone calls, etc. In this way, I was able to be fully present to take note when the inspiration hit. That, along with an acting coaching session and a dash of therapy to clear out the emotional channel, helped to create inner space for the ideas, thoughts and feelings to marinate in. Which, in turn, would ignite other images, thoughts and feelings to draw from.

It’s been said that our outer life is a reflection of our inner life. Take the time to clear out the noise of life. Personally, in my acting work, I’m looking to have an experience, to be living an experience in front of the camera and desire to embody that in every essence of my being.

To learn how you can begin to channel your muses and be able to have an experience in your work, check out The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield. 

Here’s to the work and living truthfully!


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