World Premiere: Gender Equality PSA ‘Little Leading Ladies’


Hashtag created for Little Leading Ladies campaign.

For the past week New York Women in Film & Television and Adorama Rentals have been sharing behind-the-scenes, interviews and insights into the making of the Little Leading Ladies PSA. Director and NYWIFT member Aubrey Smyth was quoted in the first post on her inspiration to make the short:

“I have been disappointed reading books about the best directors in film and only finding a handful of women on the pages. This video is a statement that women develop as leaders from a young age and it is okay to be the boss. I hope to inspire young women to take on top leadership positions in the media industry.”

We’re proud to share the world premiere of Little Leading Ladies.


Little Leading Ladies from Gingersnap NYC on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Gingersnap and everyone that took the time to share their knowledge and experience with us.

To read the entire series:

Interview with Little Leading LadiesWriter/Director Aubrey Smyth

Interview with Casting Director Jessica Daniels 

Interview with DP Bryant Fisher & Gaffer Jerred Sanusi

Interviews with Production & Costume Designer Deborah Zawol Smyth and Makeup Artist Jennifer Snowdon

Interviews with Editor Oscar Luna and Colorist Tim Ziegler


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