Terry’s Picks: Annetta Marion, Poor Taste, CXX Speaks

Annetta Marion: NYWIFT Board member Annetta Marion, an award-winning director and Primetime Emmy-nominated producer, shared her thoughts on the industry and her career on a recent Film Talk Podcast.

Poor taste: 20th Century Fox came under fire for their insensitive adverting for X-Men: Apocalypse, which featured Jennifer Lawrence’s character being strangled on giant billboards. Was a huge depiction of casual violence against women really the best choice to advertise this film? Rightly, Fox has apologized and removed the ad.

CXX Speaks: The New York Times featured Cinematographers XX, a phenomenal new collective of women cinematographers advocating for equality in their field. We were thrilled to have them join us at a recent NYWIFT Night Out with Local 600. Check out their website!


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