Terry’s Picks: No Progress, 2017 Resolution, Tax Credit

No Progress: The 2016 Celluloid Ceiling Report by Dr. Martha M. Lauzen at the Center for Women in Television & Film is a bummer. It shows that, despite the recent buzz around women’s equality in entertainment, the number of women behind the camera on the top 250 domestic grossing films in 2016 actually declined.

2017 Resolution: Take a note from writer Katilyn Tiffany and put your money where your mouth is – she makes a moving case to resolve to spend your money this year on films made by women. Women are more likely to be hired behind the camera if the films they make do well at the box office.

Tax Credit: The New York Production Alliance (where I serve on the Board) is encouraging all businesses that benefit from the New York State film tax credit program to contact legislators and urge them to reauthorize the program to keep films shooting in New York. Learn more.