Terry’s Picks: Viola Davis, Caroline Waterlow, Joi McMillon

Viola Davis: Congratulations to Viola Davis, who became the first black actor to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award this weekend. And with her role in Fences, she is only the second person in history to win a Tony and an Oscar for playing the same role but in different categories. (The first? Yul Brynner for The King and I.)

Caroline Waterlow: Congrats to Caroline Waterlow, who, along with director and co-producer Ezra Edelman, accepted the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for O.J.: Made in America. Just a few days earlier, Caroline and archival producer Nina Krstic gave a fantastic presentation at NYWIFT on their use of archival footage in the film. We’re proud to say “we knew her when!”

Joi McMillon: Moonlight editor Joi McMillon, the first black woman to ever be nominated for an Oscar for film editing, spoke to Lenny about #OscarsSoWhite and how she got her start in reality TV.

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