Meet the New Board Members: Terra Bliss

As summer heats up, New York Women in Film & Television gears up for the start of our new year – and with it, new faces join our leadership team!

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, NYWIFT is governed by an 18 member Board of Directors, elected by the membership in late Spring. This diverse, accomplished group of women are at the top of their game in TV, film and digital media. They steer NYWIFT in advocating for equality, providing unique professional development opportunities, funding women filmmakers, and celebrating women’s achievements.

This month the NYWIFT blog has profiled the four newest members of the Board. We round out our interview series with Terra Bliss.

Terra Bliss

New NYWIFT Board Member Terra Bliss

Tell us about what you do outside of NYWIFT.

I am the Vice President and General Manager at Panavision New York, which means I oversee the office – operations, finance, marketing, etc. Panavision is a leading designer and manufacture of high-precision camera systems consisting of film and digital cameras, lenses and accessories for motion pictures, commercial and television industries. Panavision systems are rented through its domestic and international owned and operated facilities and distributor network. [Outside of work], I spend as much time with my family and friends as possible. Enjoy the city and all its perks. Read and catch up on movies in my spare time.

What is your fondest memory of working in the entertainment industry?

My fondest memory is meeting Mike Nichols. I was working in Hollywood at EFILM as a Digital Intermediate Producer. Mr. Nichols and cinematographer Stephen Goldblatt, BSC, were reviewing final timing of Angels in America, the HBO mini series. World class.


Mike Nichols directs Emma Thompson in Angels in America

How did you first get involved with NYWIFT?

I first got involved with NYWIFT when I moved to New York in 2007 to open up Deluxe New York. Deluxe was a sponsor of the Muse Awards and programming events.

Why do you love NYWIFT?

NYWIFT is a great organization that provides mentorship, support and information to women who love this crazy business! I love to meet with people with similar interests and passion.

Inequality in film, television and digital media has been a hot topic in the media lately, and righting that imbalance has always been a big part of NYWIFT’s mission. What are your thoughts on the problem? And how should it be solved?

There has been a lot more in the media lately. People are fed up with the inequality with wage differences and opportunities. For me, I’m looking more closely at current recruiting and hiring process to see where we can shake things up a bit. Partnering with schools and organizations like Reelworks, Camp Reel Stories and ACTvF [Academy for Careers in Television & Film in Queens, NY] has been great for finding new talent and networking.

What’s the best TV show/movie/web series you’ve seen recently? Why?

Transparent – love the writing, characters and non-“traditional” perspective of the story telling. O.J.: Made in America on ESPN.  Living in California during the trial, having my own perspective at the time, and now seeing how others saw the trial and what it represented to that community. Black Mirror – a UK series about technology and humans – some scary stuff.

What are your plans for the summer?

Work. A wedding in Guadalupe, Caribbean. And a week at Jersey Shore with family and friends.


Learn more about the rest of NYWIFT’s 18 member Board of Directors on our website. And if you missed our other new Board member interviews, you can read the whole series here.


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